Community Support

Federal Government

“Through its existing infrastructure, the ample production capacity afforded by its vast industrial base, the substantial private sector investment it has attracted, its proactive engagement and support from stakeholders, and its support from world-class research institutions, ARCH2 is poised to be a model H2Hub that would lead the country in the adoption and deployment of new clean energy technologies that are critical to decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors. Just as the Appalachian Region produced the energy that powered our nation to win the two World Wars and deliver unprecedented prosperity in the 20th century, so too can it lead the way into a sustainable and secure energy future for the 21st century.” (The Honorable Joseph Manchin, Senator of West Virginia)

“ARCH2 is unique in that its proposal is not only to produce blue hydrogen, but also green hydrogen generated from renewable energy sources, which will allow for a diverse group of suppliers as well as end users in a regional hydrogen cluster.”

– The Honorable Shelly Moore Capito, Senator of West Virginia

“I look forward to working with the ARCH2 team to support opportunities to grow jobs, engage with our community colleges for workforce training, deliver benefits and opportunities across Ohio and the region.”

– The Honorable JD Vance, Senator of Ohio

State Government

“Ohio and the region support efforts to lead the nation in the innovation of new technology, including the clean hydrogen market.”

– The Honorable Michael Carey, Congressman of Ohio

“Representing Eastern Ohio, I know our region supports efforts to lead the nation in the innovation of new technology, including the clean hydrogen market. Congress has made significant investments to develop and implement the benefits from hydrogen as part of the country’s long-term energy strategy. The industry led ARCH2 initiative will bring opportunities across the Appalachian region.”

– The Honorable Bill Johnson, Congressman of Ohio

“The ARCH2 hub, if selected by the Department, would provide benefits to my constituents in Ohio’s Fourteenth Congressional District by supporting energy producers and manufacturers.”

– The Honorable David Joyce, Congressman of Ohio

“The hydrogen ecosystem in Ohio is well situated to support the Department of Energy’s investment into the ARCH2 proposal and maximize the benefit for our environment and economy.”

– The Honorable Troy Balderson, Congressman of Ohio

“ARCH2’s Clean Hydrogen Hub will capitalize on West Virginia’s long history as a leader in energy generation.”

– The Honorable Alex Mooney, Congressman of West Virginia

Other Legislators Supporting ARCH2

– The Honorable Sherrod Brown, Senator of Ohio

– The Honorable Joyce Beatty, Congresswoman of Ohio

– The Honorable Tim Ryan, Former Congresswoman of Ohio

– The Honorable Carol Miller, Congresswoman of West Virginia

“The Appalachian region offers many unique and valuable assets for ARCH2. This includes a highly skilled energy workforce, the critical infrastructure required for low-cost natural gas production and storage, existing pipelines and transportation networks, cross-state collaboration and coordination of state agencies, and proximity to markets in the Midwest and Northeast.”

– The Honorable Andy Beshear, Governor of Kentucky

A clean hydrogen hub in Appalachia will benefit the entire region, attracting new businesses to a part of the county that has suffered economically. It will help us diversity the region’s economy and attract new residents. It will also mean that young men and women will no longer have to leave the region to find good jobs.

– The Honorable James Gooch, Delegate of Kentucky

“Ohio supports the ARCH2 proposal and stands to benefit from this regional initiative. We will work with the ARCH2 team and our higher education and workforce training partners to ensure Ohio’s workforce can participate in this effort.”

– The Honorable Michael DeWine, Governor of Ohio

” West Virginia stands ready to support and collaborate with ARCH2 which will diversify and grow the energy portfolio of our state and Appalachian region while spearheading the expansion of energy options for the nation, creating a “one-stop shop” for hydrogen.”

– The Honorable Jim Justice, Governor of West Virginia

“These projects will help us move toward a cleaner, more resilient and sustainable future, and create new jobs and opportunities in Maryland and across the region.”

– The Honorable Lawrence Hogan, Former Governor of Maryland

“A clean hydrogen hub in Appalachia will benefit the entire region, attracting new businesses to a part of the county that has suffered economically. It will help us diversity the region’s economy and attract new residents. It will also mean that young men and women will no longer have to leave the region to find good jobs.”

– The Honorable James Gooch, Delegate of Kentucky

“The EEC commits to working with the ARCH2 team! Kentucky’s Energy Strategy, KYE3, is founded on the principle of community empowerment, resilience, and sustainable workforce development. Hydrogen is a fuel diversification strategy within KYE3 that offers both workforce and community economic development potential. The EEC will leverage partnership across state agencies to support workforce development objectives identified by the ARCH2 team.”

– Kenya Stump, Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet

Municipal Government

“We support the establishment of the Appalachian Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub because it will spark economic development and diversification in our communities and throughout Appalachia. It will reverse population decline, and it will directly benefit the more than 1,800 members of our chamber. It is a major investment in this region and the people living here.”

– Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce of Ohio

“We fully support ARCH2’s vision to promote this production increase by engaging businesses and organizations across the state of Ohio to expand our workforce and further develop and produce clean energy for our state. Converting carbon emissions into hydrogen is critical in our efforts to have both reliable and clean energy and in positioning Ohio as a leader for next-generation hydrogen jobs.”

– Steve Stivers, Ohio Chamber of Commerce

“This is a win-win for enhancing new technology within a geographic region that is rich in natural and human resources.”

– City of Gallipolis of Ohio

“The Appalachian Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub would utilize this plentiful natural gas and renewables to produce hydrogen. ARCH 2 would also work to develop a network of hydrogen customers in the region and build infrastructure as well. This will in turn spark a great deal of economic development in the region.”

– Mayor of the City of Marietta, Ohio

Labor Union/Trade Organization

“The Kentucky AFL-CIO  will work collaboratively with the ARCH2 team to support opportunities for good paying jobs, workforce training, options for investment in our communities, and Justice40 benefit flows.”

– American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, Kentucky (AFL-CIO KY)

“It is clear that this administration, through targeted economic opportunities such as projects like ARCH2, share in the time-tested principles of the labor movement.”

– American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, Ohio (AFL-CIO OH)

“We proudly advocate for fair pay, good benefits, and a safe workplace for all workers, and see tremendous employment opportunities for West Virginians within the ARCH2 proposal.”

– American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, West Virginia (AFL-CIO WV)

“We value the opportunity to engage with the ARCH2 team on issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA), environment, social, and economic considerations, community health and wealth growth, participation in workforce development pipelines, and related decision-making.”

– Eastern Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters of West Virginia

“The Tri-State Building and Construction Trades Association will work with ARCH2 on projects throughout the entire region. This will benefit our association as well as employees throughout the area. A hydrogen hub will not only benefit the construction trades, but it will spark additional job growth in a wide range of economic sectors.”

– Tri-State Building Trades of Kentucky

“Our council and its 24,000 worker members support the goals of the ARCH2 grant proposal and we will work collaboratively with ARCH2 and all its affiliates to ensure its success.”

– West Virginia State Building and Construction Trades

Workforce Development

“The HTF believes that the realization of the ARCH2 vision can make an enormous contribution to keeping and recruiting technology workers.”

– High Technology Foundation of West Virginia

“For this proposed effort, JobsOhio supports the development of and participation in a Community Benefits Plan to support benefit flows to disadvantaged communities and to ensure integration of community voice throughout the project. JobsOhio will work collaboratively with the ARCH2 team.”

– Jobs Ohio

Environmental Non-Profit

“CATF intends to engage with ARCH2 in the development of their community engagement and community benefits workplan. CATF further intends to encourage meaningful engagement within this process from communities who may be impacted and DACs, aligned with the Justice40 goal of delivering at least 40% of the benefits of climate and energy investments to DACs.”

– Clean Air Task Force


“This is a win-win for everyone involved in a large portion of the nation. It will help attract new businesses to what has been deemed an economically challenged region and it will provide opportunities for companies already located in Appalachia. It will help reverse the population decline and it will serve to attract technology firms to the area as well. It is a long-overdue investment in Appalachia, and it will bring this region to the forefront of the nation’s energy production future.”

– Brite Energy Innovations of Ohio

“With the same strong commitment that DRWV has brought to its efforts to diversify West Virginia’s economy, the organization will support the success of an Appalachian Regional Clean Hydrogen Hub (ARCH2).”

– Discover the Real West Virginia

“Concepts outlined in the ARCH2 vision align with the Low Carbon Resource Initiative (LCRI), a collaborative effort led by EPRI and GTI Energy with 53 energy companies, including ARCH2 participating entities, which aims to accelerate deployment of low- and zero-carbon energy technologies by 2030. Should the project be awarded, EPRI would expect to incorporate ARCH2 into the H2Hub Network. The H2Hub Network has two primary functions: 1) sharing of technical information to and amongst H2Hubs and 2) providing education and training materials for H2Hubs.”

– Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

“IN-2-Market sees its current efforts in the region as highly complementary with the ARCH2 Clean Hydrogen Hub. I2M stands ready to support the ARCH2 team in leveraging our approaches and network to support the goals and areas that are critical to the clean hydrogen hub’s success.”

– In2Market of Pennsylvania

“The Kentucky Oil and Gas Association is in full support of this project. Creating a clean hydrogen hub in this region will benefit a wide range of sectors in our economy and boost our nation’s energy independence.”

– Kentucky Oil & Gas Association

“Founded in 1998 New Vision is a Christian Community Development, 501-c-3 in Barbour County that has a strong workforce training program that has always been focused on building stronger more sustainable communities. We are thankful to be a partner of ARCH2 project and network.”

– New Vision Renewable Energy

“The Ohio Clean Hydrogen Hub Alliance fully supports ARCH2’s vision to position Ohio as a world leader in clean energy by engaging Ohio businesses and organizations to grow the workforce and further develop and produce clean energy for our state.”

– Midwest Hydrogen Center of Excellence

“The Ohio Grants Alliance is especially enthusiastic about this project because of the critical investment ARCH2 will make in workforce development and job creation in our disadvantaged communities (DACs), with impacts that will flow to the wider regional economy. ARCH2 will bring private sector capital to provide the 50% DOE match which will bring the initial total project value to over $2 billion, creating thousands of construction jobs and hundreds of full-time jobs to operate and maintain the hydrogen hub infrastructure.”

– Ohio Grants Alliance

“This project will be the catalyst for major private sector investments in the region.”

– Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association

“The fact of the issue is that this project will not only benefit our members, and others in the oil and gas industry, but it will also have a positive impact on every economic sector in every region throughout Appalachia.”

– Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Association

“CAZ will participate in advisory boards, stakeholder groups, or similar committees or groups and will serve in an advisory or similar capacity to members of the ARCH2 team.”

– West Virginia Chemical Alliance

“WVMA members are innovators, collaborators, and job creators who have aggressive environmental and community impact goals. The ability to safely develop clean hydrogen production with the low-cost natural gas and infrastructure that exists in our region presents an opportunity to advance our goals. Reliable, affordable, clean energy is critical to a healthy manufacturing economy and the WVMA and its members stand ready to support connecting members with the ARCH2 team to provide member educational and partnership opportunities within the WVMA network.”

– West Virginia Manufacturers Association

“Core to our mission, the WVPEC intersects education and economic development to help build a stronger, more diverse workforce while advancing West Virginia’s economy. We believe that our work and long-term vision for West Virginia align with ARCH2, offering unique opportunities for collaboration.”

– West Virginia Public Education Collaborative

Other Non-Profits Supporting ARCH2

– Benedum Foundation

Business Development

“A critical investment in ARCH2 will position the region to become a major economic center that has the capacity to feed a wide variety of consumers and supply chains. ARCH2 will enhance workforce development and increase job creation in our disadvantaged communities (DACs), with the potential for growth in the mobility sector utilizing hydrogen to decarbonize transportation. Considering the economic, societal, and environmental importance of this project to our region, we remain deeply supportive of the efforts of the ARCH2.”

– Greater Cleveland Partnership

“Manufacturers throughout the entire eastern United States will also benefit from availability of a reliable supply of clean, low-cost hydrogen within the ARCH2 footprint.”

– Orion Strategies

“We share the vision of the leaders of the ARCH2 coalition that a low-carbon hydrogen and carbon capture industry in the greater Appalachian region is a tremendous opportunity to make progress on these fronts.”

– PA Chamber of Business and Industry

“For over 100 years, Steptoe & Johnson PLLC has employed Appalachian citizens and residents throughout the region. We currently have offices in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia and this is where most of our more than 640 personnel live and work. It is my assessment that ARCH2 and Steptoe & Johnson PLLC share common cultural interest in ensuring Appalachia thrives for the benefit of its citizens.”

– Steptoe & Johnson

Other Non-Profits Supporting ARCH2

– Cincinnati Business Committee

– Rhododendron Group


“We have been an active partner in ARCH2 since its inception and signed a memorandum of understanding last ear to collaborate on this effort. We believe hydrogen can play an important role in the clean energy economy and support this effort to accelerate its development.”

– American Electric Power/Appalachian Power/Kentucky Power

“Many leaders throughout Appalachia are on board with this project because it will be a game changer for the region.”

– Artex Energy Group, LLC

“ARCH2 will not only be good for the economy, but will also be good for the environment.”

– Command Consulting Group

“As the ARCH2 program gets funded and operational, Long Ridge commits to working with the team and key developers in sharing our requirements, collaborating in connective infrastructure development, engaging in discussions on offtake agreements and terms, and evaluating the investment potential for projects where Long Ridge can be a participant.”

– Long Ridge

Other Industry Leaders Supporting ARCH2

– H2U Technology

– Shale Crescent


“This new endeavor will create high-wage, high-skill jobs not only in Blue Ridge CTC’s service area of Berkeley, Morgan, and Jefferson Counties, but also throughout the State of West Virginia and beyond.”

– Blue Ridge Community College (HBCU)

“BridgeValley has a strong history of training and placing technicians in a variety of energy related jobs including electric battery technicians, utility line technicians, as well as a number of skilled trades including HVAC and diesel. Each of these training areas are well positioned to expand to offer skills training and associates degrees for the technician level jobs that will be created in West Virginia as a result of the ARCH2 project.”

– Bridge Valley Community and Technical College

“Cleveland State is part of a group of regional universities and community colleges (H2 University Consortium) that plans to collaborate with Battelle to support activities identified in its application. The H2 university Consortium will help ensure that the hydrogen hub not only meets with commercial success, but also meets community development goals as identified in the application.”

– Cleveland State University

“This new endeavor will create high-wage, high-skill jobs not only in Blue Ridge CTC’s service area of Berkeley, Morgan, and Jefferson Counties, but also throughout the State of West Virginia and beyond.”

– Kent State University

“The ARCH-2 project, located in West Virginia and drawing from an adjacent multi-state region, will fuel a new generation of energy production while simultaneously drawing new investment in the people and infrastructure of Appalachia.”

– Kentucky Community and Technical College System

“This is a golden opportunity for this entire region and the country in general.”

– Marietta College

“Marshall University will serve as a supporting team member providing technical, analytical, educational, and outreach support to identify critical barriers to hydrogen deployment in West Virginia and the surrounding region.”

– Marshall University

“Mountwest can work with the ARCH2 affiliates to create new programs that focus on the technical skills needed to create a talent pipeline for the employer and high-wage/high-growth career opportunities, at little to no cost, for the students.”

– Mountwest Community College (HBCU)

“We share a commitment to enabling just climate-benign energy and economic systems, which includes but is not limited to much of the activity related to the development of proper pathways for reliance on hydrogen, enabling the workforce that is needed for today and for tomorrow, and seeking to address and reverse trajectories of marginalization and inequity. To this end, we are pleased to be involved with the Arch2 H2Hub effort.”

– The Ohio State University

“This new undertaking will create high-wage, high-skill jobs not only in Pierpont’s 13-county service region but also throughout the State of West Virginia and beyond.”

– Pierpont Community and Technical College

“UC’s unique cooperative education program requires undergraduates to work full-time during multiple semesters at corporate locations to engage in active experiential learning while leading to full-time employment after graduation. These and other unique educational and experiential learning programs will serve as foundational components of the workforce development activities UC will conduct under the ARCH2 program.”

– University of Cincinnati

“UK-COE commits to support the resulting project by providing professional expertise and consultation. The University of Kentucky has the following demonstration opportunities, capabilities, and expertise to offer: Exploring Hydrogen as a Fuel for District Steam Plants Supporting Campus Sustainability, Hydrogen Workforce Development for Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Existing Workforce, Hydrogen Production, Hydrogen Storage, Hydrogen Use, and Supporting Technologies.”

– University of Kentucky

“A clean hydrogen hub in the region will create unprecedented economic opportunity in a part of the nation that has seen economic stagnation and a steady drop in population. The ARCH 2 project has the potential to turn this trend around.”

– Waynesburg University

“As potential partners in support of this important endeavor, West Virginia’s community and technical colleges stand ready to provide customized training to dislocated workers, including displaced homemakers, new entrants into the workforce, and incumbent workers, to enable them to obtain the skills they need to meet the anticipated demand for a highly skilled workforce should the project come to fruition.”

– West Virginia Community & Technical College

“West Virginia State University will support the ARCH2 network through the existing formal partnerships that we currently have with several of the institutions within the proposal…Our partnership with Chemours is designed to prepare the next generation of chemists while increasing the diversity of students obtaining a chemistry or engineering degrees.”

– West Virginia State University (HBCU)

“WVU’s technical, analytical, outreach, and educational capabilities to address critical barriers to hydrogen deployment in West Virginia and the Appalachian region will be provided through its non-profit affiliated research corporation, WVURC.”

– West Virginia University

“The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce is proud to support the Appalachian Regional Hydrogen Hub. Our state is an energy leader and can help supply the world’s growing need for affordable, 21st Century energy.”

Steve Roberts, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce President